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No more ladders!

It feels more natural to operate a waterfed pole by movement of the arms alone and this is acceptable for poles that extend to a height of 10 metres. For waterfed poles that extend beyond 10 metres excessive strain may be exerted upon the upper body when exerted upon the upper body when operated extended periods.

Waterfed poles

It is recommended that the use of arms be reduced by greater use of leg/whole body movement. Clear Rain train all operatives in using a 10 metre poles until they have mastered there natural balance technique and has learned to use the stored energy generated in the bending and flexing of pole as its guided through the cleaning task.

Clear Rain have put measures in to reduce fatigue.

  • Taking regular breaks to undertake other tasks.
  • Taking periodic breaks free from activity.
  • Operating poles with greater use of the legs,by stepping a single stride forward and back use of the arm may be significantly reduced.
  • Pole sharing with other members of the team. Switching from the left hand side of the body to the right, and vise versa.

For some Clear Rain jobs waterfed poles may be used in support of other access methods, for some domestic properties to reach conservatory roofs or other windows inaccessible to ladders, On high rise buildings to reach the lower elevations and link bridges or on glazed structures in support of abseilers.


Staying safe

Waterfed poles may also be used from MEWPS. In addition to normal guidelines for MEWPS operation. Consideration should be given to securing the pole to the MEWP basket to prevent it from falling if dropped.

Procedures by all Clear Rain operatives are implemented to prevent snagging of any hoses trailing from MEWP baskets to the water delivery system. Which includes a Clear Rain banksman with a sharp knife to cut hoses in the event of a snag.

Many Clear Rain buildings, however, waterfed poles may be used for the entire cleaning operation, Due to the physical rigor or prolonged use Clear Rain take into consideration the weight of the pole, the lightest pole
being the one that adequately reaches the top window but does not over reach i.e do not use a 45ft pole to clean a window which is 20ft high.

All Clear Rain Purified water is delivered by the use of de-ironised cylinders fitted in all of our vehicles. Delivery hoses pose a trip hazard that has been minimised by Clear Rain installing brightly coloured hoses, and warning signs are displayed were hoses cross a walkway.


Waterfed poles are work equipment subject to the requirements of the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PEWER).

All Clear Rain waterfed poles are subject to:

  • Pre-use visual work inspection – obvious defects i.e worn/fractured/dented/bends in the pole sections, loose clamps head/brush fittings, worn butt rings etc.
  • Regular documented managed inspections that take into account the degree of use and type of pole. Clear Rain make 3 monthly inspections.

Clear Rain have procedures in place for handling any defects that would incur repair or replacement.

The use of a waterfed pole can be very demanding unless the correct techniques are employed, All Clear Rain operatives are given full training on the safe use of all waterfed pole use.

In order to ensure that the installation in the vehicle continues to meet requirements of regulations an annual inspection is taken out by Clear Rain management and any remedial work signalled out by the inspection will be carried out.

Clear Rain training

All Clear Pain waterfed pole operatives are suitably trained and competent. All operatives have appropriate knowledge, experience and practical skills for the work being undertaken.

All Clear Rain personnel with different levels of responsibility, such as managers, are all trained to fully understand their roles.

Clear Rain management must access proof of competence at the earliest opportunity to all new employees.

The following criteria is used for initial and ongoing assessments by Clear Rain

  • Daily pre use check
  • Manual handling
  • Ground conditions
  • Cordoning off
  • Common hazards
  • Doe’s and don’ts

Any gaps in knowledge is assessed and suitable training is provided by Clear Rain until competence is achieved.
A competent person may be defined as a suitably trained or qualified by knowledge and practical experience to enable them to:

  • Carry out there required duties at their level of responsibility
  • Fully understand any potential hazards related to their work
  • Know their limitations and not be frightened to ask for help.
  • Detect any defects or omissions in that work, recognise any implications for health and safety, and be able to specify appropriate remedial action needed including refusal to do the work if the danger is to great.

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